5 Best Must Have Free Finance Apps for Android Users

Most of us had never imagined that we would ever have access to a personal financial app that could take care of all our financial problems. However, things have changed and you will be surprised to see the overwhelming numbers of personal finance apps that are available in the market today. Managing one’s own finances, handling investments and following a budget are not easy tasks but these become a cakewalk with these personal finance apps to assist you. Check out the Bitcoin Prime app for downloading the trustworthy trading app to improve your Finances.

Top 5 free personal finance apps that can remove your financial woes:

  1. Mint: This free financial app helps you manage your money seamlessly. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools like QuickBooks, ProConnect, and Turbo Tax. Using this app you can track your bank accounts, credit cards and bill payments, and investments all together on a single dashboard. This helps you understand how much you are saving and how much you are spending each month. Besides, this free Android app also offers handy tips and advice on how you can save better in your savings and checking accounts, certificates of deposit, brokerage accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts, etc.
  2. Wally: This free app for Android users is known for tracking expenses seamlessly. So, if you are someone who is keen to get organized with your personal finances, you will find this app most useful. You will not have to log in your expenditure every day manually; you can simply take photos of receipts through this finance app and save time. The app is user-friendly and streamlined and you will not have to pay a penny for it.
  3. ET Markets: This free app is perfect for those keen to invest in financial markets. It will enable you to manage and track your investments properly and is the one-stop destination for all your investment-related needs. you can get access to real-time stock market updates, market news, business news; it will also offer useful share market tips, advanced technical charts, live charts, etc free of cost.
  4. Expense Manager: This free finance app is unarguably the best available tool for making budgets. It is highly intuitive and feature-rich; extremely stable so that you never have to worry about managing your check books, expenses, and budgets. It is absolutely free and offers many exciting user-friendly features; there are no hidden fees. You can enjoy additional features like backup and sync, convenient tools, customizability, connectivity to PC via networks, support for multiple languages, and helpful widgets.
  5. Money Manager: This app focuses on financial planning, asset management, and expenses tracking. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can record your business and personal monetary transactions on this app, review the data on a weekly or monthly basis, and even manage your financial assets through its spending tracker and budget planner. Other attractive features include access to instant statistics, double-entry bookkeeping, credit and debit card management, and backup and restore functions, and bookmark function.


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